The Red Thread

The Red Thread - Ann Hood Chinese mythology tells the story of the red thread, an invisible string that binds people who are destined to be together. In this book the “red thread” binds American families and the children they hope to adopt. Maya runs the “Red Thread Adoption Agency” which specializes in matching American couples to baby girls born and abandoned in China. Ms. Hood tells each couple’s story and intertwines it with the story of how and why their prospective baby came to be adoptable. Each couple has a different reason for wanting to adopt and each baby has a different story for needing “new” parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Although the book is fiction, it did introduce me to an issue of which I was totally unaware. I enjoyed meeting the American families with their individual tales for wanting to adopt, but I was totally enthralled with the stories of the Chinese baby girls. This book had its tear-jerking moments, but overall was a feel-good book. Admittedly, I was a little misty eyed after reading the last pages, but closed the back cover feeling totally satisfied with the ending … and for me, that’s part of reading a good book.