Fangland - John Marks Evangeline Harker is a producer for a television news show called “The Hour”. On the heels of her engagement she reluctantly leaves for Transylvania to investigate the possibility of a story about an international gangster, Ion Torgu. In this book Torgu steps into the count Dracula character. Unfortunately, he does not do it well. Mr. Marks attempts to update the vampire lore and I found he left much lacking. Although Torgu shares some of the classic vampire traits the rest is too ambiguous to define him as a vampire.

The story unfolds to the reader in journal entries, letters and emails between the characters so is told in many voices. This technique often works but in this book it only adds to make the story a little disjointed.

Fangland can best be described as Dracula dragged into the 21st century. The first quarter of this book started out with great promise and then, for me, it just started to run out of steam. The saving grace is that as a former 60 Minutes producer Marks does give the reader an intimate glance into the (possible) behind the scenes of a major news show. His tidbits of satire is what kept me reading to the end.