Erasing Memory

Erasing Memory - Scott Thornley This book would be number two on my “2011 Favorites So Far” list.

“Mac” MacNeice is a homicide detective in Dundurn, Ontario (which bears a striking resemblance to Hamilton, Ontario where the author grew up). Driving home from visiting his wife’s grave he picks up a police call about a girl murdered in a remote cottage on the lake. Mac’s investigation leads us through an interesting suspect pool involving Eastern Europeans still reeling from the fall of Soviet Union.

The story in itself was very good, but I especially liked the characters that Mr. Thornley has given us. Mac is a complex man with interests so far removed from his job that he cannot help but be a little unique. I liked the Southern Ontario setting, as it was fun to try and guess the locations in the book, and that definitely added to my personal enjoyment. Although the plots are not similar I enjoyed this book for much the same reasons as I enjoyed The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe. If you also enjoyed The Calling then this first time author is a must read.