Arranged - Catherine McKenzie Anne Blythe is thirty-something, successful in everything except her love life and questioning her choice in men. She always falls for dark haired, blue-eyed muscles. On the eve of her latest breakup she comes across a business card lying in the street that, coincidentally, bears her name. She pockets it assuming it is advertising for a dating service. In reality, it is a service that arranges marriages. Under the guise of only trying to get a story for her newspaper column Anne signs up for the service and a few months later she finds herself at a resort in Mexico marrying a virtual stranger. Will this be her “happily ever after” or will things go horribly wrong?

The premise of this book sounded so good. Although it was entertaining it really didn’t go to the places I expected so I was a little let down. It does raise a few interesting questions about love and marriage and had my expectations not been for something else I probably would have enjoyed this book more than I did.