Learning to Swim

Learning to Swim - Sara J. Henry On a misty evening Troy Chance is standing on the deck of a ferry crossing Lake Champlain. Watching a second ferry carrying passengers in the opposite direction she sees something fall overboard. At the last moment before it hits the water she is positive she saw frightened eyes in the dark bundle. Without a second thought she dives off the deck of the ferry into the frigid water to try and find what she was almost certain was a child.

This book held my interest from the first paragraph. There was not one page that made me want to stop reading and skip ahead to “get back to the story”. No wasted words. No ongoing pages of floral descriptions. The writing was conversational, easy to read and the story kept moving pleasurably. Learning to Swim is an apt title for this work because the plot certainly had the reader riding a wave that kept building throughout the book. Admittedly, I did suspect the ending before I finished the book, but not until the very last second before, with a whisper, it was revealed. Until that point the tension kept building.

On a more personal note, there were a few touches that made this a really enjoyable book for me. The chapters were a comfortable length, no 30+ pages chapters, so if I had to put the book down (for silly things like sleep and work) I could comfortably read to the end of a chapter before stopping. Part of the book took place in Ottawa and Ms. Henry does include some iconic Canadian things like Tim Horton’s, The Great Canadian Bagel, etc. and that made the book fun for me as a reader.

I loved Troy Chance, with all her foibles, flaws, independence, intelligence, determination and compassion she was a wonderful character. This is a fantastic first book from Ms. Henry and I am looking forward to another, hopefully, soon.