The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly What can I say? I have another guilty pleasure (no pun intended). Mickey Haller’s father always said “there is nothing more dangerous as an innocent man”. After reading this book I can say those words were definitely proven true. Mickey is a somewhat successful lawyer he really doesn’t want to know if his clients are guilty or not. He happens to run his law practice pretty much out of the back seat of his beloved Lincoln. His “bus bench” and “across from the bond office billboard” advertising has kept him busy but after many years he finally lands a lawyers dream … a franchise case. This dream however, quickly gains the status of a nightmare.

Through the first third of this book Mr. Connelly instructs the reader in the intricacies of the law according the Mickey Haller. In the second half he takes us on a page turning ride to the conclusion. I will definitely be picking up another Mickey Haller book.