Scribbling Women

Scribbling Women - Marthe Jocelyn From the product description, “In 1855, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote to his publisher, complaining about the irritating fad of “scribbling women.” Whether they were written by professionals, by women who simply wanted to connect with others, or by those who wanted to leave a record of their lives, those “scribbles” are fascinating, informative, and instructive.”

In the days before email, blogs and twitter people wrote journals and letters. Due to lack of formal education women wrote few and even fewer still exist. Ms. Jocelyn researched the history and pulled a selection of 11 women who wrote. These women differ in the time period in which they lived, in background, ethnicity, education level and social status, yet they each kept journals or wrote letters. Ms. Jocelyn gives us a short synopsis of their lives and then lets them tell their stories in their own words, spelling mistakes and all.

This is a short book that really packs a punch. It takes the reader through time from imperialist China to the present. We visit with criminals, slaves, adventurers and mothers, each with a fascinating story. Well, well worth the read.