The Janus Stone

The Janus Stone - Elly Griffiths The second in Ruth Galloway series. A child’s headless skeleton is unearthed at the latest archeological dig in Norfolk England. Ruth, in her capacity as forensic archeologist is called and determines that the skeleton has a more recent origin. Enter Detective Chief Inspector Harry Nelson of the local constabulary to help with the investigation. Harry also happens to be the (married) father of Ruth’s unborn baby. Professional and personal lives collide as they work to discover the identity and story of the skeleton.

I enjoy these books because they are the perfect mix of a good mystery and the characters personal lives. Intrigued by Ms. Galloway’s first book, The Crossing Places, I picked up this one and am now waiting for The House at Sea’s End. I feel like a bit of a voyeur as I really want to see where the relationship between Harry and Ruth goes. I am anticipating fire works, and not in a good way.