Blood Work

Blood Work - Michael Connelly I have been enjoying the Mickey Haller series, and decided to see what Mr. Connelly’s other books were like. In this book he introduces a new character in Terry McCaleb, an FBI agent forced into retirement due to a heart ailment. Terry is trying to live the quiet life to let his body adjust to the new heart he received in a transplant. That all changes when Graciela Rivers tracks him down and asks him to investigate her sister’s “accidental” death. McCaleb refuses, until he learns its her sisters heart now beating in his own chest.

The basic premise for this book … finding out whose heart has been received and feeling an obligation is not a new story line … its been done many times before. How could it not? However, aside from drawing McCaleb into the investigation, its not the major focus of the story and I could appreciate that. It’s a good suspense thriller with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting to the end. I like Mr. Connelly’s characters because they are not perfect. A personal flaw every now and then makes them a little more real