I Think I Love You

I Think I Love You - Allison Pearson The “inside flap” description of this book seems very light-hearted and frivolous, focusing on a group of teenaged girls and their desperate love for teen heart-throb David Cassidy in the mid 70’s. And yes there are very light moments in the book (and embarrassingly honest, if I remember the 70’s correctly). The book also includes some dark realities with regards to peer pressure, needing to fit in, real boys vs. teen idols, etc. The crescendo comes when the girls sneak away from their homes to attend the famous concert at White Castle.

In what I considered the “second half” of the book the reader is quietly taken into present day where our lead character Petra confronts truly adult issues such as an impending divorce and the death of her parents. While going through her mother’s things she finds an envelope that was never given to her back in the day … informing her that she had won the “Ultimate David Cassidy Fan Contest”. Despite the fact that it is 30 years later and the magazine sponsoring the contest is now defunct … Petra wants her prize. She does get her prize … in a very unexpected fashion.

Before I go on, let me just say that despite my closest friend’s infatuation with Donny Osmond I was always a David Cassidy girl myself. Allison Pearson admits to being the same, so this book is written with a tender take on all that teen angst. I loved this book, if only for the memories it evoked. . Do we ever truly outgrow our teenage crushes?
My one complaint … the book should have come with a soundtrack. I still have my 45’s, but alas … no record player to spin them on.