A Cup of Friendship

A Cup of Friendship - Deborah Rodriguez Having read and enjoyed Kabul Beauty School I was quite pleased to find another book by Ms. Rodriguez. Cup of Friendship did not disappoint me. The reader is dropped into the middle of a coffee shop in the heart of the Afghan capitol. Sunny runs the place, but navigates through the treacherous waters of female correctness with the help of her landlady Halajan and Halajan’s grown son. Although a work of fiction, Ms. Rodriguez again tackles the all too real topics of politics, religion and the treatment of women under the rule of the Taliban.

This book depicts some very strong female characters in a setting where this is not a desirable trait. Each woman is strong in her own way and, although the women are not friends, they bear each other a grudging respect, so when it comes time to “step up” and do what is right they work together. Ms Rodriguez has a real talent for injecting some lighter moments into her books where needed, but as a female reader some of the scenes in the book were a little difficult to read. However if change is ever going to come about, I think it’s important to know what is going on and especially to know how fortunate we are to live where we do.