The Night Season

The Night Season - Chelsea Cain This book is the fourth in the Archie Sheridan series and with Gretchen Lowell finally safely behind bars we move on to another serial killer; one with a penchant for aquatic life and, a strange weapon of choice. Set during a season of torrential rainstorms and an imminent flood the setting is as exciting as the crimes. Ms. Cain draws on some real life history of the Portland area by including the Vanport flood in the book as a concurrent story. Sounds confusing but it really works, especially when the two storylines come together in the last few pages.

Although “The Beauty Killer” does get a few mentions and makes a cameo appearance in this book, I enjoyed the book more because of her absence. She made for a good story in the first Archie Sheridan books, but for me, was getting a little tiresome and irritating by the end of the third. It was nice to see a fresh adventure for Archie, Susan and Henry