The Chaos

The Chaos - Rachel Ward We enter this book about 17 years after the end of the first book, NUM8ERS. Adam is cursed by the same ability as his mother, Jem. He can see the numbers indicating each person’s date of death floating above their heads. We learn that Jem has died, but was in Adam’s life long enough to teach him about his ability. Now Adam is living with Nan … which pretty much takes us back to where book one started, Adam’s father living with Nan.

I so enjoyed NUM8ERS and its cliffhanger ending that I was looking forward to reading this book. Unfortunately, the anticipation lasted about three pages. That was when I realized it was going to be the first book all over again, but with different names and a different setting. Sigh! That being said, it was not a totally boring read and had enough of a tease at the end of the book that I will pick up the third just to see how it all comes out.