Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir

Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir - Margaux Fragoso At a public swimming pool in Union City, New Jersey Margaux was 7 years old when she met 51-year-old Peter. Margaux’s family life was so dysfunctional and Peter seemed so “fun”, hence that chance meeting became a relationship lasting 15 years, until the time of Peter’s death by suicide. It would seem like such a nice story except for the fact that Peter was a pedophile.

This book was difficult to read. It nauseated me. It made me angry. The depiction of Margaux’s father hit such a personal nerve that I had to close the book a few times and walk away from it. Peter made my skin crawl. Yet I kept reading. I would not have if this had been a work of fiction, but this was Ms. Fargoso’s personal account of what can happen when a child slips through the cracks and ends up in an adoring stranger’s basement.