Goodbye, Jimmy Choo

Goodbye, Jimmy Choo - Annie Sanders Maddie and Izzie are both housewives new to the country lifestyle when they move to small town Ringford. Being a self-described “free spirit” Izzie has a little bit of an easier time of it. For Maddie the move is made almost unbearable when her husband unexpectedly dies leaving her not only alone, but facing a mountain of debt she knew nothing about.

A good story always involves a little bit of happenstance. In this case it is the discovery of a secret skin cream recipe in an old book belonging to Maddie’s grandmother. When the cream turns out to be a huge success in the high-end cosmetic market, the two enlist a rag-tag group of friends and neighbors to work on its production. Of course, some mayhem and some unexpected events ensue.

Another amusing light read.