The Thirteen

The Thirteen - Susie Moloney Two catch phrases ascribed to this book are “The Witches of Eastwick meets Desperate Housewives” and “A circle of friends will support you through bad times. A circle of witches can drag you through hell.” With that kind of advertising this book seemed right up my alley … reading wise. The reality of it all … not so much!

Haven Woods seems like the perfect, picturesque little town. Perfect houses, perfect lives, almost perfect everything. We meet the town “clique”, thirteen women who seem to have the perfect lives. Everything they have ever wished for. Until one of them goes off the rails and commits suicide, not all of a sudden nothing is so perfect anymore. As these women try to restore order to their lives by bringing their number back to the magical thirteen the reader begins to understand why their lives are so perfect. It seems everything comes at a cost, even if that cost is family.

As I stated earlier this is the kind of book I would normally enjoy but unfortunately I did not. I found the characters to be a little cliché, the situations (particularly near then end of the book) seemed almost cartoon like and the end of the book, which should have been the “big scene”, was just boring.

I have read Ms. Maloney’s The Dry Spell, which I thought was really original and enthralling. I am sorry to say that I cannot repeat those words about The Thirteen.