Long Gone

Long Gone - Alafair Burke Following a lay-off from the Metropolitan Museum Alice Humphrey jumps at a dream job of managing a gallery herself. The offer comes under somewhat unorthodox circumstances with somewhat unusual requests, but nothing that would outweigh taking the job. She discovers the person who offered her the job dead on the floor when she opens the gallery one morning and that single event changes her life forever. The reader learns more and more about her unusual life as she tries to exonerate herself of the police’s ever increasing suspicion that she is the murderer.

Although the story does turn down some interesting paths, I found that there was not one character I could really latch onto enough to really care about what happened next. A second story line runs parallel to the main plot and I could not really figure that one out either. The two mysteries had one character and one intersection in common and then went their separate ways, with the second plot line never really being resolved to my satisfaction. If I had been reading this instead of listening to an audio version I am sure I would have closed the covers before the end. A little too disjointed for my taste.