The Secret Supper

The Secret Supper - Javier Sierra, Alberto Manguel Working with the assumption that Da Vinci was a Cathar and thereby a heretic, a papal investigator is sent not only to try to decipher some scribbles found in the famous painting, but to determine the meaning of some aspects of the painting as a whole … there is no meat on the table, the bread is missing and strangely the faces of the apostles bear striking resembles to heretics of the day. Mixing in real historical figures with some fictional ones (I, personally, am not familiar enough with the period to differentiate all of them) to help solve the clues made this an interesting and, often, educational read.

Admittedly, there has been a “glut” on the market of these conspiracy theory books since the publication of The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) but this one is a less of a conspiracy theory action thriller and more of a “what if?” representation of the