The Gazebo

The Gazebo - Emily Grayson For the past fifty years, on May 27th, Martin and Claire have been meeting at the gazebo in the square of their small town. This year Martin has walked into the local newspaper office carrying a briefcase. He asks the editor if she would like an interesting story for her paper. As Martin begins to tell his story she realizes that it is not the newsworthy type of thing she is looking for and politely ushers him out. However, the story does not leave her alone and she heads to the town square to observe this annual meeting first hand. This year no one shows. She steps into the structure and discovers the briefcase lying under the gazebo bench. In that briefcase is the story of Martin and Claire along with a few other surprises.

Is it a little cliché? Yes. Has the story been done before? Yes. Are some of the decisions Claire and Martin make unbelievable? Maybe yes, maybe no. But, I loved this little book that packed a bit of a punch. I turned the last page of this book as I was sitting in airport terminal waiting for a flight and found I had to get up to go to ladies room to wipe the tears away.