Fateful - Claudia Gray It is April of 1912 and Tess has been in service to the Lisles for most of her life. Due to their diminishing financial circumstances the Lisles undertake an overseas voyage to America to hopefully arrange a profitable marriage for the daughter. Tess decides that her meager savings would be well spent leaving the employ of this overbearing family and starting out on her own in this new country. Unfortunately, someone is after her and she does not know why or what it is they want until one fateful night she is accosted in the streets of London by a wolf and saved by a mysterious young man. Of course, seeing this young man again on the ship is a strange coincidence indeed. Is her life now truly in the hands of fate? Sailing on the Titanic with two werewolves certainly cannot bode well.

This was a fun read. A little bit of a different take on the werewolf theme, but totally plausible if you are willing to entertain the existence of paranormal creatures. As the reader I felt making the ill-fated ocean liner the setting for the book was brilliant. I knew the iceberg was coming along and it kept me turning the pages even when the story was working through parts that were a little slow. Well-done Ms. Gray.