One Dog Night

One Dog Night - David Rosenfelt Reluctant lawyer Andy Carpenter keeps trying to avoid work. But somehow it just keeps finding him, this time in the person of Noah Galloway. Noah has been an upstanding member of society for the past several years, but the past has a way of catching up with everyone. He is not surprised when one day a knock on the door finds him arrested for the murder by arson of 26 people. Andy tries to avoid taking the case, but Noah has some information Andy wants. As it turns out, Noah was the first owner of Tara, Andy’s much loved Golden Retriever. Andy wants to know why she ended up at the pound.
This was another good romp with Andy and his sidekicks. As with most “series” books I have become very acquainted with the formula, but Mr. Rosenfelt writes such bitingly sarcastic dialogue for his characters it makes it worthwhile. And admittedly, there is always enough of a plot twist to keep it interesting, if not always fresh.