Cold Vengeance

Cold Vengeance - Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child Chronologically this story picks up a few weeks after the conclusion of “Fever Dream”. Aloysius has once again come to grips with his beloved wife’s death and once again feels he has not much to live for. His brother-in-law is more than happy to try and make that particular wish come true. As Pendergast fights for his life we are given glimpses into what really happened to Helen, and could she, really, still be alive?

I found this book a bit lacking in the idiosyncrasies that make Pendergast, well … that make him Pendergast. With only a few mentions of his usual cohorts Aloysius is pretty much alone with his quest in this book. I missed the interaction with other characters, particularly between Aloysius and D’Agosta. We do however find out a little bit more of Constance’s story, which I personally, enjoy.

This is the second book of the “Helen Pendergast Trilogy”. And this trilogy resides within the Aloysius Pendergast series. {Preston and Child have done this before with the Cemetery Dance books). Is it just me or is reading getting more and more complicated??? If you are new to the Pendergast series I do strongly encourage you to read the books but it would be difficult to enjoy this one as a stand-alone book. A new reader would, at the very least, need to read Fever Dream first and quite possible go even further back to the Cemetery Dance trilogy.