The Dog Who Knew Too Much

The Dog Who Knew Too Much - Spencer Quinn Bernie Little and his dog Chet (the narrator of the book) are once again involved with a case for the Little Detective Agency in this, the fourth installment in the series. Looking for a missing child, that may or may not be a parental abduction land Bernie and Chet in more danger than they have encountered to date. Separated for a good portion of the book, they both discover clues in their own way … of course, Chet has a little difficulty getting Bernie, a better than average human, but human none-the-less, to understand what is really happening in this case.

It all works out for the best, but I am looking forward to next book, because after all, what is going on with this little pup that has shown up. The one that bears such a striking resemblance to Chet? Hmmmmm?