Push - Sapphire This is the sometimes difficult to read account of the life of Claireece Precious Jones. While she is pregnant with her second child, Precious is opted into educational pilot program by a sympathetic high school principal who sees something special in this young woman. Although disadvantaged in many ways, Precious is far from, as she describes herself, “stupid, ugly and worth nuffin”. The reader follows her life through her journals and those of her classmates.

This was a difficult book to read because it is blunt and it is gritty. The language is coarse. For me personally, it was heartbreaking. There were times I was so angry with the characters in the book I had to close the pages and come back to it later. This is a shining example that helping one person at a time can truly make a difference. As hard as it was to finish this book, I am glad I read it. I am equally glad I did not (and now will definitely not) see the movie.