New York to Dallas

New York to Dallas - J.D. Robb, Susan Ericksen Eve’s first take down in uniform was a monster named Isaac McQueen. He was a collector; a collector of young women. Fast forward and Eve is now a Homicide Lieutenant and Isaac McQueen has escaped. Not only is he interested in taking up where he left off as far as his “collection” is concerned, but he wants to exact revenge on Eve for interrupting him the first time. Unfortunately for Eve, McQueen has taken up residence in Dallas. Eve and Dallas have history and none of it good. However, Eve and Rourke travel to Dallas to confront one very real monster but also some long ago monster who will not leave Eve’s nightmares. A few surprises thrown in along the way make this a must read for fans of the In Death series.

This first of the Eve Dallas novels not to include “In Death” in the title, it is also one of the first to focus so entirely on Eve that it all but excludes the other characters. Interesting as the story was I found I missed “the old gang”. Without including any spoilers, Ms. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) did leave the series open to some interesting familial possibilities for Eve. After the last two books I read I needed something light and entertaining with some familiar reliable faces. This one fit the bill nicely.