The Very Picture of You

The Very Picture of You - Isabel Wolff Ella Graham is 35-years old, single and leading a happy life as a portrait painter living in London. She enjoys what she does and because of her talent her career is taking off. As her younger half-sister Chloe announces her engagement and commissions Ella to paint a portrait of her fiancée, a man Ella does not like, Ella’s story starts to unfold. Going along on portrait sittings for various characters the reader learns a little about portraiture art and a lot about Ella. As her artistic fame grows, a random article in the Times mentions never discussed details about Ella’s past and, out of the blue, her long estranged father sends her an email. As Ella paints the layers on various portraits the layers of her own life start to peel back.

While the formula (girl meets boy – girl loses boy – happy ending) makes this book border on the “chick-lit” genre, the characters and story line are meaty enough to warrant calling it general fiction. Although most definitely a light read, it was not “fluffy”. I found it a good choice for starting off the year.