The Thirteen Hallows

The Thirteen Hallows - Michael Scott, Colette Freedman The “thirteen hallows” are ancient artifacts known to possess great power. Given their history, revealed in an interesting way throughout the book, it is to be determined whether they are instruments of good or evil. Throughout time the keepers have kept the hallows separate and hidden, but now someone has discovered the secret and is killing to bring the hallows together.

There have been so many books written with this kind of theme that the reader always risks cliché situations. Despite that I always pick them up and read them … yet another guilty pleasure I guess. This one had a bit of a unique take on the origin of the power of the sacred objects. Without having to put in a spoiler alert, that’s about all I can say. Not for those of weak stomachs as there is A LOT of blood and guts in this book, but definitely one fans of the genre should pick up.