War Horse

War Horse - Michael Morpurgo Joey is the War Horse in the title and we read this story as told in his voice. Wait … wait … before you roll your eyes and brush this off as another book narrated by an animal (granted there has been a glut lately) or think ala Mr. Ed, realize this book was first published in 1982. Sold into army use Joey is sent away from the farm and from his young friend Albert. Confiscated by the Germans and traveling through France Joey has many tales to tell about WW1. Meanwhile Albert has come of age and enlists for the sole purpose of hopefully, against insurmountable odds, reuniting with Joey.

When I saw the previews for the recent movie based on this book I knew I would not be going to see it, but I was sufficiently intrigued by the story to read the book. I am certainly glad I did. What a wonderfully told story of a difficult time in history, with moments of tenderness and humanity, reminding us that there are good people … and horses … everywhere no matter what the circumstance.