Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay For those of you not familiar with Dexter Morgan, he is employed as a blood splatter analyst with the Miami Police Department, Homicide. He is a good brother, a loyal boyfriend and he loves kids. Oh, he does have one flaw … he also happens to be a serial killer. Suffering a tragic experience as a toddler and witnessing his mother’s murder has left Dexter a little empty inside. Empty of emotion, that is. He does have something in him. Something he likes to call his “dark passenger”. This dark passenger gives Dexter the need to kill. His adoptive father, a police officer himself, recognized this need and gave Dexter a strict set of rules to live by when it came to dealing out death. Dexter balances his days and nights by abiding by these rules.

I got hooked on this television series and decided to backtrack to the source and see what the books are all about. They are very good. Mr. Lindsay gives us a little bit of something new with Dexter, a serial killer who is the protagonist and one that you find yourself cheering for. In his emptiness and his attempt to fit in with the rest of the world I find Dexter’s puzzlement of everyday human interaction amusing and Mr. Lindsay writes it with biting sarcasm and a dry sense of humor.