Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna - David Morrell After leaving the marines Chase Malone has found success as an artist. So much success that he comes to the attention of international arms dealer, Derek Bellasar. Bellasar wants Malone to paint two portraits of his wife, Sienna. Bellasar wants him to do it very much and is willing to go to extreme lengths to “convince” Chase it would be a wise career (and life) choice to accept the commission. Despite the fact that Malone is officially a civilian the Secret Service jumps on the chance to get one of their own close to this international bad guy. Things go from bad to worse, and soon Chase and Sienna are on the run not only from Bellasar but from the government as well.

I have been a fan of Mr. Morrell’s for several years. As I have mentioned in a prior post he is the creator of Rambo in his novel “First Blood” so that should give readers some idea of the type of books he writes. He has written others, one with a bit of a gothic undertone (Double Image) and one a quite funny tongue and cheek poke at his own genre (The Spy Who Came for Christmas), but with Burnt Sierra he is true to his strength … the thriller. I enjoyed the book.