The Uninvited

The Uninvited - Tim Wynne-Jones Mimi Shappiro has had anything but a good year. An affair with an older professor (now turned stalker) in her freshman year has her wanting time to herself to “re-evaluate” (and hide). Her long estranged father offers her the use of his cabin in a remote part of the Canadian wilderness. Mimi jumps at the chance to get away only to discover, upon her arrival, that the cabin is already occupied. Not only that but also she and the occupant have a “familial connection”. Strange circumstances are complicated by strange goings-on. What is it about the cabin that is causing all the turmoil?

This book drew me in quite quickly as I am a sucker for strange happenings in remote locations. Then it became a little disjointed for my taste, but did come together again in a satisfactory ending. It was an okay read.