Heart of a Killer

Heart of a Killer - David Rosenfelt Four years ago, sitting next to her husband’s bloody body Sheryl Harrison confessed to his murder. It was an open and shut case as far as the police were concerned. Now Sheryl needs a lawyer to help her make amends. Enter Jamie Wagner … uninterested, unmotivated and definitely an underachiever at his corporate law offices. Sheryl’s was a mandatory pro bono case that landed on his desk. From the minute he met Sheryl he knew that the pieces did not quite fit. But now she was asking him to do the impossible. Throw in the police, the FBI, a computer genius/homegrown terrorist, an insurance scam, twists and turns galore and a terminally ill teenager and it all adds up to a page turner.

I have read David Rosenfelt books for years and love his Andy Carpenter character. When I first started reading this book I sighed with resolution and thought we were going rehash Andy in a younger, slightly less jaded form. I was a little upset because if you are going to give me Andy Carpenter give me the real thing. I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Although Jamie has some of Andy’s sarcasm and edginess he is very much his own character. It’s fun watching him “grow up” throughout this story. Kudos Mr. Rosenfelt. As much as I like Andy I hope there is more Jamie in the future too.