The Company of the Dead

The Company of the Dead - David Kowalski It is the maiden voyage of the Titanic and one man aboard knows exactly what is about to happen. As he hands the man on watch a pair of unusual binoculars he tells him to keep a close eye out for anything. As the warning whistles blow the ship avoids a collision with an iceberg … only to hit another one three hours later. Three hours which were enough time to change the list of survivors and thereby change the course of history.

I really, really wanted to like this book. The premise of the story sounded so wonderful, and some parts of the book were, indeed, wonderful. The rest of the story went into GREAT detail explaining how history had changed and explained the military and political reasons behind the change in equally GREAT detail. Quite frankly, not being up to snuff on mid 20th century American politics, this book just lost me in the details. I am sure it will appeal to some but left me dry. I was tempted to give up on this book many times but, just as I was going to put it away the story started to get interesting again. I am not put off by books with lots of pages but if I could have had the first 150 pages, about 100 in the middle and then the last 100 or so pages I would have enjoyed it much more.