The Devil Will Come

The Devil Will Come - Glenn Cooper As a young archaeology student Elisabetta Celestino discovers an interesting array of symbols at a catacomb adjacent to the Vatican. Needing Vatican approval to go ahead with her research and reulting thesis, she is informed by her professor that no such approval will be forthcoming. Ten years later Elisabetta, now a nun, is contacted by the same professor to ask for her help with an excavation of the same catacombs. Reluctantly she agrees. What she discovers not only rocks her faith but could also be the end of all religion and most definitely the end of her beloved Catholic church.

Mr. Cooper has developed a tried and true formula for his books as he tells the story through three time periods. In this case Nero’s Rome, Marlowe’s England and current day. Rather than becoming tired and cookie cutter Mr. Cooper makes his formula work in all four of his books. Strange as it may sound, glimpses of the past to fill in the blanks moves the story along very nicely rather than causing any delay in the ongoing plot. Doing this also allows the reader to have a few secrets the characters have not yet discovered. This is an interesting “tool” in his writing style. It’s quite fun! I have thoroughly enjoyed his books from day one, starting with Library of the Dead. The Devil May Come is no exception.