The Road to Grace

The Road to Grace - Richard Paul Evans In this third instalment of the series we once again walk with Alan Christoffersen, eight months into his pilgrimage, this time through the Dakotas and Missouri. Once again there are a few adventures along the way and most assuredly the heartwarming tales that Mr. Evans is famous for.

I have read all three in The Walk series and enjoyed them. It is Alan’s story and with him I enjoy the people he meets along the way. This one is no different, although I was not pleased with the ending. Kind of saw it coming, but now have to wait until next Spring to know the outcome. But, alas, that is the sad reality of reading a series. If I were forced to note one bad thing about this book it would be that it had a little bit of a “travelogue” tone to it that the first two did not. Interesting, but sometimes I got the feeling that it was a bit of filler.