The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Wind Through the Keyhole - Jae Lee, Stephen King We revisit with Roland Deschain and his ka-tet in this addition to the dark Tower series. As a sudden and deadly starkblast (storm) traps our travelers Roland once again assumes the roll of story-teller. Going back in his memories to the time when he was a very young gunslinger sent to find out more about an elusive “skinman”, a shape shifter plaguing a small town in Mid-World. There he meets a young witness and another impending starkblast. As he is holed up with his young witness he tells him the story of Tim Southeart. And an interesting tale it is.

In the forward to the book Mr. King describes this as part 4.5 in the Dark Tower series. Chronologically in the series that may well be where it falls, but it can stand alone as a good tale. It may help to know about the Ka-tet and their travels as background, but they quickly fall to the misty edge of the book once Roland’s story gets started. It is a story within a story, within the framework of Mid-world. For Mr. King's “constant readers” there is also a reference to “Eyes of the Dragon” and Merlin. It comes together nicely. Mr. King once again shows us what he does best … tells a good yarn with appealing characters and enough action, magic and mystery to keep his reader happy.