Night's Gift

Night's Gift - Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour Virginia feels that she is all alone in the world. Her parents are gone and she just threw out her cheating boyfriend. Needing a new start she moves from Toronto to Brantford, starts a new job, hopes to enrol in college classes and get her life back on track. Everything seems to be going well until she is out for a late evening stroll and her curiousity gets the better of her. The old (seemingly deserted) mansion at the end of the street is beckoning. She just wants to take a peek through the window. What she sees astounds and terrifies her, and through a series of misfortunes she finds herself held prisoner within its walls.

This book was given to me as a gift, and as I read the author’s forward I was not expecting too much. Ms. Cushnie-Mansour freely admits she self-published because her friends urged her to get this book out now to get in on the “vampire bandwagon”. Because the book was a gift I felt obligated to read the whole thing. Had I purchased it or borrowed it from the library I might have put it aside after the first few chapters. That would have been too bad because I ended up enjoying the story. Although I found the beginning a bit tedious the author seemed to find her voice and strength as the book continued, so much so that I recently purchased the e-book of the second instalment to the trilogy. I appreciated that she stayed true to the original vampire lore (no sunlight, no food, aversion to crosses) but she did stray from the “undead” theory. She presented an excellent scenario for the creation of the “vampyre” giving the reader a little history lesson in the process. It made the premise of her story a little more believable (as believable as a vampire story can be). It’s all a little difficult to explain with a big “spoiler alert” at the top of the review so I’ll stop at what I’ve written. Although I wouldn’t rave about the book with 5 stars, it was definitely worth the read if you are a fan of the genre.

I’d like to publicly thank my friend, (another) Mary for the gift. The house the book is based on exists and the artwork on the front of the book depicts it. She included newspaper clippings about the house being featured in this book as well as having the book signed. Always nice!