The Gathering

The Gathering - Kelley Armstrong Maya is a sixteen and living in the small town on Vancouver Island. One year ago her best friend drowned despite the fact that she was a champion swimmer. The loss never quite left Maya and she threw herself into her work of taking care of injured wild animals. She notices that she has an unusual knack for healing. Other strange things are happening in Salmon Creek not the least of which is the arrival of “bad boy” Rafe.

I am a Kelley Armstrong fan so despite this being another YA entry I enjoyed it. Ms. Armstrong always amazes me in the way she changes her writing voice for YA fiction. The fact that this book draws in some of characters and institutions from both the Darkest Powers series and her mainstream adult books (one more to go in the Women of the Underworld series before she puts those characters away for a bit) was enjoyable for a long time fan.