A Dog's Journey

A Dog's Journey - W. Bruce Cameron In this sequel to A Dog’s Purpose we rejoin Buddy in his quest to find his purpose for being a “good dog”. He thinks he has fulfilled it after finding “his boy” Ethan again and is waiting patiently for his sleep to come, sure that he will not be reborn as a puppy again. Then Charity comes into his life and he realizes that she definitely needs a dog to look out for her. Coming back as Molly the two are miraculously reunited and the reader follows along on their journey together.

For anyone who has not read A Dog’s Purpose you should know that the dog narrates these stories. Between snickers of amusements and bouts of tears I managed to get to the end of this book. Often sequels fall short of the first book, but I found this one equal to (dare I even say it … if not better than) the first. I enjoy characters that “I love to hate” and this book had that too. For anyone who loves dogs this is a must read, so grab the box of tissue, a cup of coffee and lose yourself in this book for a little while.