Unholy Night

Unholy Night - Seth Grahame-Smith Stories of the birth in Bethlehem always centre on Jesus, Mary and Joseph, however there were three other fairly significant beings there that night. Always mentioned, and then glossed over, no one really know much about the three wise men who brought gifts on the eve of baby Jesus’ birth. Seth Grahame-Smith means to remedy that with this book by telling us the story behind the wise men … at least his version of their reluctant place in biblical history.

It’s always difficult to take a story, particularly one as well known and respected as the birth of baby Jesus, and give it a different spin. Mr. Grahame-Smith does it well with this book, and does it in such a way as not to be blasphemous. Yes, there may be some outcry about the fate given to the “real wise men”, and there may be some head shaking about Joseph’s original thoughts on Mary’s pregnancy, and there may be some fall out about Mary’s liberated attitude, but let’s face it, you pick up a book like this and you have to set some things aside. I enjoy Mr. Grahame-Smith’s books because despite how outrageous his scenarios there is always that little feeling of “wow, it could have happened that way!”