Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Ana and Christian are separated lovers at the beginning of the book. Ana could not imagine life with dominering Christian and his kinky BDSM “red room of pain”. She starts her career at a Seattle publishing house and basically does nothing but pine away for her lost love. Five days of pining is long enough and they fall back into each other’s arms (and beds, and showers, and offices, and pool tables … you get the picture). Being under the attack of not only an unknown enemy but also an ex-submissive of Christian’s does not stop our star-crossed lovers from falling more deeply in love … and “flushing”, “scowling”, “demanding”, “smirking” and “frowning” their way to the altar.

Okay – I admit it – I got sucked into this series after reading the first book because I suspected what was going to happen and had to find out if my “reader’s instincts” were correct. (So far, so good). Although I did not like this book any better than the first and stand by my feeling that minus the (not so hot, by the way) sex it would read as a Y/A romance.