Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James We rejoin Ana and Christian as they are honeymooning on a private beach in the south of France. Ana accidentally exposes a breast and Christian, in true Christian form, goes ballistic … and we’re off to the races in book 3 of the trilogy. We follow the ups and downs of the Greys and their friends, solve the puzzle of the unknown enemy, see into Christian’s childhood (one of the few interesting parts of these books), and live through Ana telling Christian about the unplanned pregnancy. Can Ana really be THAT clueless? And off we traipse to the happy ending.

I cannot jump on the bandwagon for these books and I am not ready to buy the “I Love Christian Grey” bumper sticker for my car. This last in the trilogy did have some redeeming moments … as mentioned above, the brief glimpse into Christian as a child and the scene between Christian’s adoptive mother and his first Dominatrix. Loved it! Beyond that it went exactly where I thought it was going to go (but I had to find out for sure). Whew! Done!