Shadow of Night

Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness At the end of Discovery of Witches Diana Bishop was still testing her powers and had just discovered that she is a “time walker”. In this second book of the All Souls Trilogy we land in Elizabethan England with Diana and her vampire husband Matthew. Thinking they have escaped the dangers plaguing them in the 21st century and hoping to discover the whereabouts of the elusive grimoire, Ashmole 782 Diana and Matthew instead find themselves trying to evade the 16th century witch-hunters. Luckily Diana is student of history as well as alchemy, so she quickly adapts to life in the past and seems quite unfazed in meeting such historical figures as Wm. Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Queen Elizabeth I, et al. The reader is led on a merry romp through Europe in the quest not only for Ashmole 782 but also to find a witch willing to help Diana with her powers and, most dreaded of all, to introduce Diana to Matthew’s father.

Once again, I feel Ms. Harkness has done her homework, as this book is brimming with historical characters and facts about Europe in the 1500’s. I did enjoy the inclusion of well-known people from the period as well as all the history, yet felt it over-populated the book and that took away some of the charm that the first book possessed. In Discovery of Witches I really liked getting to know Diana and Matthew, whereas in this book I found myself getting a little bored (frustrated?) with their constant “issues”. Despite that I still enjoyed the book a great deal and will be standing in line to pick up the third instalment when it is released.