A Storm of Swords

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin The battle for the seven Kingdoms continues in this, the third in the Game of Throne series. We visit with John and finally come to understand who, or what, the Wildlings are and Castle Black is under siege. Tyrion is again embroiled in espionage against the throne, and the Starks are trying to make amends for damaged allegiances. All of the main characters in the story have been separated by various circumstances and as they begin to draw achingly close to each other again the battles continue and the intrigue deepens.
I’ve mentioned in other reviews that series books have habit of becoming a little “pat” and overly comfortable. Not so with Mr. Martin’s Game of Thrones. No “cookie cutter” in this series! He has the ability to keep the reader interested and the action moving along at a breathtaking pace. Every page seems to bring new intrigue to the story, and this book is no exception. There were several times when I was shocked and totally devastated by what happened to the characters. These books would definitely appeal to a large audience of readers … not just lovers of fantasy fiction.