No Rest for the Dead

No Rest for the Dead - Jeffery Deaver, J.A. Jance, Diana Gabaldon, Alexander McCall Smith, Jeff Abbott, Matthew Pearl, Sandra Brown, David Baldacci, John Lescroart, R.L. Stine, Michael Palmer, Marcia Talley, Gayle Lynds, Phillip Margolin, Thomas Cook, Kathy Reichs, Raymond Khoury, Marcus Sakey, Ten years ago Jon Nunn investigated the murder of a museum curator. A murder performed in a most unlikely way. All evidence pointed to Rosemary Thomas having killed her husband in a jealous rage. Ten years ago Jon Nunn was convinced he had the right suspect and had even gone to her execution. However, the case always haunted him in some of its inconsistencies eventually costing him his job and his marriage. Can the case finally be solved on the eve of an odd memorial to Rosemary ten years after her execution.

The interesting thing about this book is that it was written by 26 different authors. A virtual who’s who of mystery and thriller writers including, Sandra Brown, Diana Galbaldon, Tess Gerritson, Alexander McCall Smith, Kathy Reichs … the lists goes on and on. With a talent pool as deep as this one would expect a well crafted story. And it was. The thing that did not work for me was the fact that the writing styles were so different and the fact that some of the book was narrated and some of the book was written in first person. It detracted from the flow of the story. Despite that it was a good who-done-it, with a suspect list as long as the book’s list of authors. An interesting twist at the end, that a reader may or may not see coming wrapped it all up nicely.