Wife 22

Wife 22 - Melanie Gideon Alice Buckle is a forty-something mother of two who feels her children do not need her as much, her husband is a little boring, her job is frustrating and not what she envisioned herself doing and all her friend’s lives seem so much more exciting than her own. At a cocktail party at her husband’s work she overhears his colleagues discussing a little competition they have going on … who has the most hits when they Google their own names. She goes home that evening and tries it – nothing! Feeling depressed about her own impact on the world she moves to check her email and finds an interesting email in her “spam” folder, an invitation to join an on-line survey about marriage. She checks out the credentials of the organization doing the survey and agrees to participate. Through this survey the reader learns about her life and how she got to this point. Alice herself finds she is discovering some long lost emotions and some new ones. Unfortunately, the new emotions mostly have to do with her communications with the researcher analysing her answers.

Despite the fact that at times throughout the book I found Alice a little bit on the annoying side, it was a fun read. Definitely chick-lit for the over 40 crowd.