Delusion in Death

Delusion in Death - J.D. Robb Office workers and executives alike often like to go to a nearby bar to unwind after a long work-day. This day was no different in the crowded New York establishment. No different until everyone started killing each other for now apparent reason. Twelve minutes later 80 people are dead. Enter Eve Dallas and her entourage. Discovering the manner behind the killings is as puzzling as the reason. Of course Eve, et al, persevere and eventually discover a trail leading all the way back to the Urban Wars.

I enjoyed this book because I am invested in the series (this one comes in at # 35) and I found it to be more concentrated on the case than the characters. That’s okay. In the last two books we caught up with everyone’s lives, so it was time for a really interesting murder-focused book.

If I could ask Ms. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) one question it would be “why is Eve losing her edge”? I liked her “sandpapery” and find her giving in a little too often. Rourke is taking on a very Christian Grey-esque demanding/stalking persona and Eve just lets him get away with it making her seem a little less in control of her life. Is it just me? Or, are other fans of the series feeling the same way?