The Dogs of Babel

The Dogs of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst Paul Iverson is having trouble getting hold of his wife. After numerous phone calls home, finally the phone is answered by someone Paul does not know … a police officer who informs Paul his wife has died in an accidental fall from a tree in their backyard. Understandably Paul is grief stricken and takes to staying at home. As his grief slowly lessens he begins to notice there are subtle differences in the house he shared with his wife. Paul suspects that there is more to Lexy’s death than an accidental fall and comes to the realization that Lorelei, their dog, is the only witness to what really happened. Drawing on his linguistics and science background Paul convinces himself that he can teach Lorelie to speak and thus, discover the truth of what happened that fateful afternoon.

Some parts of this book ask you to suspend reality, but I was quite willing to do that because it was an engaging read. It was a love story, a mystery and a little bit of sci-fi all rolled into one. Great and everlasting literature? Probably not! … but definitely a book you can get lost in for a Sunday afternoon.