Lost Souls

Lost Souls - Michael Collins It’s Hallowe’en night in a small Midwestern town and just as everyone is turning in for the night police officer Lawrence is called to investigate what looks like a hit and run accident. A little girl, still wearing the angel wings of her costume, has been discovered under a pile of a autumn leaves. As the investigation unfolds Lawrence is called in to the Mayor’s office and there, along with the Police Chief, asked to look the other way about certain pieces of evidence for the “good of our town”. Small towns being what they are, this seems easy enough to do, but some secrets just will not rest.

This book was a little dark. Lawrence is a flawed personality, depressed because of his divorce and the lost access to his son, financially ruined and bordering on alcoholism. I can understand a flawed hero, but it seems like everyone else in town was hiding their own dirty little secrets too. Circumstances in the book keep spiralling and that definitely made me keep turning the pages, but I would have liked to see a little redemption at the end. Definitely worth picking up and reading.