15 Seconds

15 Seconds - Andrew Gross As the title suggests, 15 seconds can make a difference. In Henry Steadman’s case the difference was literally a matter of life and death. Looking forward to a weekend at a Doctors Without Borders convention, including a little golf with his college buddy, Henry is surprised when he is stopped for a traffic violation. His surprise increases when the police officer treats him as if he had his picture on a wanted poster. Much to Henry’s relief he is let off with a warning but as he drives away, the police officer is shot to death with Henry as the only witness. As these things sometimes go … Henry is also the only suspect.

Curiosity kept me turning the pages, so I suppose that’s a good sign but in same places the action seemed a bit forced. It almost had a “Let’s see what else I can do to torment my lead character” feel to it. Still, not bad for an action thriller.